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Green Viewpoint : Local Election 2021 – Day 1 Results

The results from Day 1 are promising for North Tyneside Borough Green Party. We are the third Party in the Borough based on vote share. This follows National Polling, which places the Green Party as the third UK Party.

Although it is too early to draw any meaningful conclusions, we can highlight:

(i) We held our third place in Riverside, with 8.9% of the vote, despite reducing our campaign activities in the Ward due to limited capacity of volunteers.

(ii) We held our third place finish in Monkseaton North, with 6.3% of the vote, despite significant campaigning from Labour as they won the Ward back from Conservatives.

(iii) We had stand out results in three new Wards, Chirton, Collingwood and Howdon. In particular, we are delighted that Tom Johnson (Howdon) won 9% of the vote. Nick Fitzsimons recorded 6.1% of the vote in Chirton (which is fantastic, given the by-election confused the result); and David Revett recorded 8.1% of the vote in Collingwood.

(iv) We increased our vote share to 7.4% in Benton (compared to our last stand in 2015).

(v) Our long standing candidate for Wallsend, Martin Collins, retired in 2019. Despite the loss of Martin, our new Wallsend candidate, Judy Seymour, recorded 7.8% of the vote.

(vi) We note the need for a Green Candidate for Battle Hill, Camperdown and Killingworth.

We believe that we are on course for another record breaking year. Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign across North Tyneside Borough.


Day 1 Results – Battle Hill, Benton, Camperdown, Chirton, Collingwood, Howdon, Killingworth, Monkseaton North, Riverside, Wallsend.

Day 2 Results – Cullercoats, Longbenton, Monkseaton South, Northumberland, Preston, St Mary’s, Tynemouth, Valley, Weetslade and Whitley Bay.

The Mayoral Election result will also be counted on Day 2.