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Green Viewpoint : Local Election 2021 – Day 2 Results

We are delighted with the results from Day 2 of the Local Election Results. We have confirmed and strengthened our position as North Tyneside’s third party and we have seen record results around the Borough.

We will review the results in full over the coming weeks, to learn and improve on our current position. In the meantime, we can highlight:

(i) In Whitley Bay, Alan Steele finished second to Labour; taking 28% of the vote – significantly outperforming the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. The Labour majority was cut in half. We are in a great position to challenge for Whitley Bay again in 2022.

(ii) In Longbenton, Steve Manchee recorded a 5% jump in vote share, finishing third, but gaining significant ground on second place to challenge the Conservatives.

(iii) In Tynemouth, Sophie McGlinn held 10% of the vote; while in Monkseaton South, Neil Percival moved our vote up to third from fourth. In Valley, Roger Maier increased our vote share (now at 9.7%) and moved our vote up to third.

(iv) In Preston, Rob Wylie kept us as the third Party; and in Cullercoats, Helen Bell also maintained our presence as the third Party; while Kate Percival maintained our 5% vote share in St Mary’s (despite the By-Election).

In addition to the Ward Councillors, the Mayoral count took place on Day 2.

Penny Remfry more than doubled our vote share (4278 first preference votes, up from 1995). We also understand that Penny held a significant number of second preference votes. We moved from fifth place at our last stand, to third – reflecting our move across the Borough.

This was a record breaking year for North Tyneside Borough Green Party; and we will continue to build on this success going into the 2022 Local Elections when we will be looking to continue our recent trend of increasing vote share.


Day 1 Results – Battle Hill, Benton, Camperdown, Chirton, Collingwood, Howdon, Killingworth, Monkseaton North, Riverside, Wallsend.

Day 2 Results – Cullercoats, Longbenton, Monkseaton South, Northumberland, Preston, St Mary’s, Tynemouth, Valley, Weetslade and Whitley Bay.

The Mayoral Election result will also be counted on Day 2.