North Tyneside Mayoral Election 2017 - Green Party

The next election in North Tyneside is for Mayor only on Thursday 4th May 2017

The Green Party is not standing a candidate

North Tyneside Borough Green Party are not standing a candidate in the election for Mayor taking place on Thursday 4th May 2017. The party's current focus is on seeking the election of council candidates, and holding the incumbent Mayor and Cabinet to account. Throughout the course of the campaign for the Mayoral election, the party will be seeking clarification from candidates on a number of significant "Green Line" issues that we feel are important and should be addressed in policy by any candidate seeking election.

We will publish detail of our Green Line issues over the coming months on this website. If you'd like to join us in making sure that Green Party issues get a proper hearing in the debate, contact us for more information on how you can help.